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If your new home remodel or construction project is near completion, contact Cheap Junk Removal for top-notch construction cleanup service. When you hire our licensed and insured company to cleanup your residential or commercial property, you can count on us to eliminate all of the dust, dirt, and debris left behind by your construction crew.


With our locally-owned company on the job, you'll be back to business as usual quicker. Your new home or office will be ready for daily use once we are done.


If you need our fast and reliable services immediately, please call us now to discuss our move-in ready service. With our company, you can get same day service. Our team members are available 24-hours a day and we offer flexible scheduling.

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Licensed and Insured Construction Cleanup Contractors.


We Work With Commercial, Apartment  & Residential Clients Across San Diego County.


Referrals Available Upon Request.

Here is an example of what you can expect when you hire our team to perform final construction cleanup of your property.

Detailed Construction Cleanup Process

    Our Checklist includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clean light fixtures and remove plastic from light fixtures - where applicable

  • Remove Cobwebs

  • Dust Walls, Baseboards, and Wall Coverings - as needed

  • Dust all air returns and registers

  • Shop vacuum and wipe out all cabinets and shelving

  • Wipe down doors, windows, and  tracts

  • Clean plugs to remove sheetrock and paint

  • Shop vacuum baseboards and wipe cover base

  • Clean all hard surface and carpeted flooring



  • Clean toilets, remove any temporary protection and labels not required to remain

  • Clean and shine all hardware

  • Clean out all vanity cabinets and all vanity tops

  • Clean mirror - removing any unneeded labels and adhesive squares

  • Clean lights as needed to remove fingerprint smudges, dirt, and dust

  • Wipe switch plates and plugs to remove paint and drywall

  • Clean doors - as needed

  • Clean all flooring


   WINDOWS (Interior and Exterior)

  • Clean frames, removing sheetrock where needed

  • Clean glass, removing sheetrock and paint

  • Remove labels

  • Wipe sills


    As your subcontractor, we understand that a complete professional final cleaning job is intended.

Construction Cleanup Of Building Interior

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